What They’re Saying:

   USCF Masters Racer, Mechanic: “Lively and comfortable like steel, stiff like aluminum, and better road feel than typical carbon…”

sylvan cycles: using bicycles to go places

A brief note: wooden bicycle, wooden bikes, wood bikes, wood bicycles, bamboo bicycles and bamboo bikes, wood rims and wooden rims are a broad class of bicycles and components that have historically used wood and wood based materials in various creative and advantageous ways.

high-performance wood composite bicycles

Sylvan Cycles makes innovative, beautiful,high-performance bicycles

from sustainable wood composite materials.

Our proprietary wood composite technology enables us to create bicycles that offer a rare combination of performance, comfort and sustainability. The result is exceptional ride quality, high-performance, and great looks. Did we mention ride quality?  (Actually, they’re drop-dead gorgeous, a blast to ride, and green by design.)       

Our proprietary construction processes utilize sustainable materials in ways that rival or surpass conventional frame materials for performance. For example, our wood-composite tubes are as stiff as comparable steel tubes -- but 30% lighter; offer damping properties similar to titanium, superior impact resistance to carbon -- and the incomparable aesthetic of wood.

We make bicycles for the road, adventure, and daily life.

In the big picture, we also see bicycles as vehicles for change, hence our by-line: “using bicycles to go places” tm

110 Pulpit Hill Rd,  Amherst, MA   01002    USA

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